Monday, July 15, 2013

Fan Art I've Found...

So I've been pretty busy working some personal little art projects and still trying to get our new house decorated and together.

I hope to show you the art stuff as soon as it is finished and  I will show you the house stuff as we get it completed.  I think we've figured out pretty much exactly what we want to do with the house, however we just need to wait until we can afford to get started. Since we are broke newlyweds, this renovation is going to be one little project after another as we can afford it.

No worries, you'll be right there along with us as we do it.

One thing I've really wanted to do in at least one room of the house is to add some steampunk elements.  Thankfully my husband agrees.  We've decided that the best place to add these elements without it being too weird is the bathroom.  I think it's easiest room to have a "theme."

I can't tell you how excited I am to redo the guest bathroom.  I have so many ideas, but we are just going to have to wait on that for right now.

Lately, We've been trying to figure out exactly what we want to hang on the walls in each room.  Let me tell you, we have found some seriously awesome stuff to hang on the walls in the bathroom.  Again, I am SO excited for this room.

Before I show you what we found I should probably let you know that my husband and I are pretty big video game nerds. I'm also a huge fan of game fan art. You'll see what I mean in a second...

Bioshock Fan Art

via CoeyKuhn

via CoeyKuhn

via CoeyKuhn

 These incredible pieces were found over at CoeyKuhn on Deviantart.  I love all of the Bioshock games but Infinite is probably my favorite.  They entire feeling of the game is just so incredible and the artists really captured it perfectly with these.  Also they have an etsy shop where they sell prints of their most popular pieces.  Please go check them out. All of their art is fantastic and not all of it is fan art if you aren't into that.


via Zakeno on Deviantart

I absolutely love the whimsical feel and texture of this one.  I also really loved Songbird from the game so this one really stood out to me!  Please check out the rest of her gallery.  She has so much incredible art for you to look through.

Art Deco Posters

I also have love art deco style posters.  The simplistic yet bold nature of them always really stood out to me.  I especially love the trend of making art deco style fan art.  Here are a few of my favorites that I found:

via Rodolforever on Deviantart

via Rodolforever on Deviantart

Rodolforever has really mastered the art deco style in his posters.  He has tons of amazing posters in his gallery.   He also has an entire series of Greek mythology inspired posters and I love him for that! 


Did I mention that I am really excited to decorate my bathroom? Because I am!

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