Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinterest Picks: Wall Art Ideas

Hey, all!  I hope you are all doing well.

 I have still been spending all of my free time trying to figure out exactly how I want to decorate this house.  I think I have the basic general design ideas down, but now I am working on the little details.

I'm an artist so when it comes to decorating a room I really need the art on the walls to pop.  My aesthetic is clean neutral colors, with vivid pops of color randomly around the room.  I also don't like to have a lot of dead space on the wall. Basically, there is going to be quite a bit of art in this home. Thankfully my husband is fine with it.

I was searching around Pinterest the other day to get some different ideas for wall art and I wanted to share with you what I found.

Wood Silhouette Cut Outs:


via California Callahans
 -  I freaking love these. Not only are they simple and chic, you can make them yourself! I am a firm believer that art is that much more meaningful if you can have a hand in making it.  Please head over to California Callahans and check out the full tutorial.

Frame Wallpaper

via All You

I hate wallpaper. It makes me unnecessarily ragey. I know, wallpaper shouldn't make a person so angry but I've have had a few too many run-ins with impossible to remove wallpaper.  That includes the wallpaper that is currently on the wall in my kitchen, but that is a story for another day.  I do think that wallpaper can be a very nice compliment in a room and by simply framing it in large frames you can have the beauty of wallpaper without the evil task of removing it later. Go check out All You for other wallpaper ideas.

Baroque Bookshelves

via Graham & Green

I absolutely adore these. I am a huge fan of unconventional bookshelves. I really love how simple they are.  You can purchase them over at Graham & Green.

Fabric Wall Art

via Wicked Walls

This one is great because it is so easy and simple. You could even do it yourself. Just wrap a canvas frame with the patterned fabric of your choice instead of canvas and you're done!  Or you could just head over the wonderful Wicked Walls and just buy a set of your own. They have tons of great work, so check them out.

What is currently hanging on your wall? I'd love to see the art in your home.

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