Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pinterest Picks: Mother's Day Ideas

There is only 10 days until Mother's Day, you guys!  

I was scrolling through pinterest the other day trying to find some ideas for my own mother and I noticed a trend.  It is really difficult to find something to make that isn't intended to be from a small child.   That's all well and good for you all with wee ones, but what is a childless, 25 year old, cat lady with no kittens of her own to do? Hopefully in a few years I'll have a litter of my own and I'll complain of the lack of  kid crafts... what can I say? I'm never satisfied.... 

  Alright, back on topic....

I did manage to find some gift ideas that could really work for any age but probably best from pre-teen and up. 

Flower Cake Pops:

via Creative Home

 These cake pops are delicious AND pretty!  I can't imagine any mom not being ecstatic to get a bouquet of flowers made of cake.  Check out the full tutorial over at Creative Home!

DIY Brushstroke Glazed Bowls

Via Creature Comforts

I think these bowls are absolutely stunning!  I want to paint all of my decorative bowls, and not just for Mother's Day.  They even have a picture of all the different colors you make:

Via Creature Comfort

Just look at that red and yellow! I'm in love with those warm colors. Please... I beg you! Please, go check out the full tutorial over at Creature Comfort. You will not be disappointed.

Butter Pecan Toffee Cookies

Via Couponing n Cooking


These cookies look incredible! I can't wait to try this recipe out.  I think these would make a perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom or grandma. The recipe can be found over at Couponing n Cooking!

African Opal Bracelet (Etsy)

via Mixology 101

This gorgeous bracelet is only $35 over on Etsy. The seller is Mixology 101.

Family Tree Jewelery (Etsy)

Via HotMixCold

This beautiful necklace can be customized with whatever initials you want. I have ordered from this seller before and I was very pleased with the quality of the jewelery and fast shipping! 

The seller is HotMixCold over on Etsy.  Look around their shop to find some other jewelery that Mom would love!


I hope you all (especially you mothers) have a beautiful Mother's Day!

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