Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guestbook Attempt Numero Uno

Well, I'm very happy to announce that I have my computer back! And it works!! WOOHOO!!

Now I can show you one of my "oh so speshul" tutorials to make your life full of glitter and rainbows!!

Just kidding...

I'm going to take advantage of the fact that my laptop is fixed and show you a big fat FAIL!

Okay, okay... it wasn't a TOTAL fail but like most people of the "artsy" persuasion, I had a perfect little picture in my head and since the end product didn't stand up... I'm not super thrilled about it. 

Via weknowmemes

That is definitely what happened with my first attempt at doing my "guestbook" for the wedding.

In a previous post (The Dreaded Guestbook) I showed you quite a few different options when it comes to choosing your wedding guestbook.

I had finally decided that I wanted a cross between this:

Via peachwik

and this:

via Bleu de Toi

I wanted a little cartoon version of my fiance and I holding a ton of balloons. I wanted it to be very sleek and simple, and I wanted the balloons to be the main pop of color. I was going to make everything out of layered paper cutouts!  I had it pictured perfectly in my mind.  

It was going to be FABULOUS! Like this:

What!? It's a glittering unicorn... say something!

Honestly, the whole project started out pretty well. I made the little cartoon version of us by layering paper and coloring them with colored pencil. (The actual process is a bit long to explain... maybe I'll make that a tutorial some time)

Then I moved onto the actual background.  I trimmed a piece of canvas paper to fit my frame, and then I lightly washed it with some blue paint for the sky. I painted in the detail of the grass, and harnessed my inner Bob Ross by painting some "happy little clouds."

And then I realized that the background made it way too busy so I scrapped that and trimmed a nice new clean white piece of canvas paper.

Now onto the balloons!

I punched out about a bajillion little circles out of cardstock. Then I grabbed some double sided tape and started sticking these little suckers to the canvas.

At this point, I still really like it... but it's starting to take a turn. I wasn't thrilled with how big the balloons were and didn't like that there would not be a good way to draw in the strings.  I also didn't think they really looked like a balloons, so I wanted to tweak it.  I would like to say again, that at this point I still liked it...

And this is the point where I screwed it up. I painted in some reflection spots, and thought it might work to have them tied to the ground instead of cartoon me holding them...

Yeah, I'm not thrilled with this at all. The painting made it really sloppy looking, and it kind of killed the "sleek/clean" look I was going for.

All well, at least now I have a better idea of what I'm going to do next time!

Plus!! I totally made that lavender chamomile cake that I posted last week. It is amazing! I can't recommend it enough!! The recipe is here.

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