Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest Picks: 02/26/13

I was going to call this post Pinterest Picks: Version I still don't have my damn computer back and people are starting to get hostile about me stealing theirs! but, that was a bit too long and seems a bit harsher than necessary.  I'm just ready to have a piece of technology that I can physically edit photos on again so I can post some more of my own tutorials.

Oh well, I digress...

I don't know how the weather is where you are but, it's cold and snowy here in the middle of the country. I think I was spoiled by the not so existent winter we had had all winter, up until about a week ago that is.  I am SO ready for spring. I need the colors and warm temperatures that come with it.

Since everything is currently blanketed in soft monotonous white, I'm taking advantage of this snow day to search around on Pinterest and find some fun things to boost my spirits until spring comes!

Check out what I found:

Orange Poppy Seed Cake

Via Megann's Kitchen
- Because nothing boosts my spirits faster than cake!! Especially sweet, delicious orange poppy seed cake! This amazing recipe can be found over at Megann's Kitchen.  This is just crying to be accompanied by a nice hot cup of tea and a good book!

Awesome Fork Coat Hooks

Via jjevensen
 - Now I was really hoping that this was a tutorial since it was marked as one on the pin. Stop lying about if something is a tutorial or not SHEESH!!  

 Ha... that might be a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I'll get over it.

In fact, I wasn't going to even include this in today's post because it was just a link to an etsy shop, but they I thought "screw it! These things are awesome!". Also I figured that one could probably experiment a little and figure out how to make them themselves, so it's not a total bust.

Even if you don't want to make them yourself you can grab these awesome little guys over at jjevensen on Etsy for only 20 bucks! Their shop has all kinds of awesome utensil art! Go peruse around for a bit.

Kids Sun Craft

Via Parenting.com

- A lot of people probably think this is super weird but I think it's freakin' adorable! If I had wheat... and you know... actual children we would be making these right now.

Psssh... forget the children... I'mma go find me some WHEAT!! 

More CAKE!!

via Miri in the Village

- This looks like the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I am a chamomile/lavender/lemon fanatic. I always have some of these oils burning in my room, or I am drinking them in a tea.  I'm going to make this as soon as I possibly can. It's even award winning! Check out the recipe over at Miri in the Village!

That's all the awesomeness that I've found today. I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are! :)

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