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How to Wrap a Fabric/Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

I'm finally back with a new tutorial! My computer is still busted, but thankfully my momma lent me her's so I could post something other than the "just posting to say I can't post" post.

Another positive is that I have a massive tutorial for you today! I finally got around to practicing how I want to wrap my bouquets, so I'm going to show you how to do that. Since, it's a pretty long tutorial I'm going to just jump right into it.

First, though, I want to remind you how I made the actual flowers:
Garden Rose Tutorial
Peony Tutorial
Standard Rose Tutorial

Okay, now onto the tutorial! Here is a picture of the finished product:

Since this tutorial is so long check out the rest of it after the jump!! :)

Here is what you'll need:

Don't call the cops... that's not my stash!
- Fabric or coffee filter flowers-  I used about 16 for a 7in diameter bouquet; you may want closer to 20-30 for a full bride's bouquet.
- Artificial greenery -I purchased off Etsy for about a few dollars You could also make your own out of the same medium you used for the flowers.
- Green electrical tape
- Green floral tape
- Hot glue Gun
- Drinking Straws
- Scissors
- Wire cutters
- Ribbon
- Straight Pins
- Embellishments- such as tulle, jewels, other ribbon, or little flowers. Anything else you want to add.

- The first thing you are going to do is grab one flower and put it in your hand. This flower is going to be the center of your bouquet. This is also the only flower that you WON'T bend the wire "stem". 

- Now take another flower and slightly bend the stem so that when you bunch the stems together the edges of the flowers are just touching. In the photo above you can see how the wire is bent on the two flowers I added to the original middle flower.

- Every two to three flowers tape them together with some green electrical tape. Otherwise, you are going to be constantly wrestling to keep the flowers in place.

- You'll be creating a slight "dome" of flowers.  Keep adding flowers two or so at a time until your bouquet is the size you want.

- Here is what the top of my bouquet looks like.

- Aaaand THIS is the bottom! Yeah, I know ... that's not cute! No worries, we're going to cover that up.

- Now we're going to start taping on the artificial leaves.

- With the green electrical tape, start taping on the leaves two or so at a time.

- Keep adding leaves until you can't see any more of the wire "stems".

- Here is a top view of the bouquet after the leaves are added. Now, I personally do not like the look of the leaves sticking out. However, it's just a personal thing so if you are fine with it you can skip this next step! :)

- I like to (with a dot of hot glue) fold down the leaves.  Be careful not to burn yourself.  You don't have to glue down all of the leaves, just the ones that stick out further than the flowers. 

- After you've glued down the leaves (or not depending on your preference) You are going to just cover up the ends of the leaves with electrical tape.

- Now for this next part of the tutorial I'm going to show you how I make stems that can stick out of the bottom of the bouquet.

 -  Now you are going to trim off the excess wire to whatever length you prefer. I recommend that you practice holding the bouquet after you trim it to make sure you are happy with the length. I didn't do that, and my bouquet turned out a bit longer than I wanted it. Try not to trim too much, though... just trim a bit at a time until you are happy with the length.

 - Now to add the straw. You'll want to slide a straw onto one of the wires and trim it to be the same length of the wire (or a bit longer if you cut the wire a bit too short). You'll want to count the wires to see exactly how many straws to cut (unless you remember how many flowers you used). Take off the straw and use it as a guide to trim the rest of the straws.

- Next we'll cover each straw with floral tape. 

- You'll need to cut a small piece of floral tape and cover up one end of the straw with it. Then you are going to take a long piece of floral tape and wrap it around starting from the end you just covered.

 - Continue wrapping until you get just to the other end. You'll want to leave the other end of the straw open. A small bit of the straw will still be showing on that end.

 - Once you get to the end, you'll want to secure the floral tape with a small piece of electrical tape.

 - Wrap all of the straws in floral tape. Then you are going to slide each one onto one of the wire ends of the bouquet.

 - The bouquet should look something like this at this point.

 - Next you are going to secure the straws by wrapping even more electrical tape on this bad boy. Keep wrapping the tape until it is a uniform thickness. Only wrap the tape an inch or two over the straws.

 - It is FINALLY time to start wrapping this sucker in ribbon. I like to secure the ribbon with electrical tape.  It won't show once you start wrapping it.

 - Wrap the ribbon until 3/4 of the way down and wrap it around a few times at the bottom, and then start wrapping it back up.

 - Once you are back at the top, I like to just secure it again with electrical tape.  However, I'm going to be covering the top with a bow so you won't see it. If you don't want to add a bow you can just fold the cut end of the ribbon under itself and pin it with a pretty straight pin or two.

- At this point you can add just about whatever you want for decorations, or you can just leave it plain.

- I cut another piece of ribbon and an equally long piece of tulle and tied a little bow around the top of the stems. 

- This was just a practice bouquet, for my real one I will most likely add another ribbon and tulle bow  and pin down the rough ends down with a pretty straight pin.  That way the bow will be fuller and you won't be able to see the rough cut ends.

 - Then I hot glued a little jewel to the bow's center.

 - Aaand you are finally finished!! Woohoo!

- Additional notes:

  I personally prefer the look of stems sticking out at the bottom. In fact, that is the main reason I wanted to make this tutorial, because I couldn't find one that made artificial stems as well.  The other option would be to just completely wrap the bottom with ribbon; that option is easier.
If you want to just wrap the entire bottom in ribbon you can skip quite a few steps. After you attach the leaves, just go ahead and trim the wire to the length that you want your stems to be and wrap the entire bottom in electrical tape, until it is a pretty uniform thickness. Then when you go to wrap the ribbon you'll wrap it all the way to the bottom and back up.

I hope you found this helpful!

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