Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Etsy Awesomeness: Rad Rings

I'm still without a functioning computer, however my laptop is officially at the Toshiba repair place which means I should hopefully be able to get back to full tutorials soon.

Okay, enough computer stuff... onto the post!

I'm still trying to check off things for the wedding. Today, I am determined to get the jewelry for my wedding!

I signed into Etsy.

I punched in "bridal jewelry" and so began my search...

I painstakingly searched through page after page of gorgeous jeweled encrusted bracelets and beautiful dangle earrings. It took a lot of work but I FINALLY found the perfect pair of

*record scratch*

HA! That's a lie! I searched for about a minute and a half before I got distracted by some awesome rings that have absolutely nothing to do with anything even remotely tied to a wedding! (You thought this was going to be another post about something wedding related! WRONG!!)

I love Etsy! It has a little bit of everything, and I mean E-VERR-EEEEE-THING!  You can find some pretty disturbing things on Etsy. There was even an entire blog dedicated to that fact. (Let's take a moment of silence for the ending of Regretsy)


Okay, disturbing things aside you can find some very cool jewelery on Etsy. Thankfully, a lot of it is pretty reasonably priced. Personally, I love rings. Maybe it's that I grew up in the 90's; I don't know.  I want to share with you the great things I found today:

Harry Potter Ring

Via ThinkUpJewel
- These make the little geek girl inside me squeal with joy! They are so simple and cute. Thinkupjewel has a ton of adorable jewelry. You should go check it out. This mustache ring is also from the same shop:

Via Thinkupjewel

I'm not even a huge fan of this "mustache movement" that has been happening for a while, but this thing is damn cute!

Cicada Ring

via MadArtJewelry
- This ring is so cool! While I would probably never actually have the balls to wear it, I think it's totally rad.  I am a bit curious as to how comfortable this thing would be to wear, but hey.  Check out MadArtJewelry for more awesome steampunk inspired jewelry.

Mood Ring

via Angelof2

- This one is totally just me being a 90's kid! There is just that warm nostalgia feeling I get when I see a big ole' mood ring. Please go check out Angelof2... you won't be disappointed.  She has a ton of really awesome bohemian style jewelry!

Vine Ring

via ConstantBaubling

- This one might be my favorite. I love how simple and delicate the ring is. It is really beautiful! Constant Baubling has a ton of really pretty jewelry.

Alright, now that I've officially procrastinated for a couple of hours I really should get back to actually doing something with my life. Have a wonderful day!

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