Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinterest Picks: The Dreaded Wedding Guestbook

I officially have 4 months until our wedding. I also officially have about a million things I still need to do for said wedding.

The next thing on my list is to figure out what the heck we are going to use for a guestbook.  Let me tell you that there are WAY too many options when it comes to exactly what your guests are going to leave their mark on for your wedding.

Thanks to the internet I've found things ranging from the traditional book, to wishing trees, to thumbprint trees, to carving your initial into an ACTUAL tree! Oy! There is just too much to choose from; I'm overwhelmed!

Thanks to Pinterest for making my decision even harder to make! I have found some really cute options! Sit back and enjoy the pretty.

The Fingerprint Trees

Via Postcards and Pretties

- While I think these are absolutely gorgeous, I really like the ones where people don't sign their name and just leave their print. The only problem there is that I don't have a record of who all was  there without breaking out the ol' forensics kit. Hmm... I also don't really see myself actually hanging the tree in our home anywhere.

- I think the balloon versions of the thumbprint trees are even more adorable! I could probably find a cute little place to put the balloon version. It is just so heart warming!

via Bleu de Toi

Via Bleu de Toi

via Bleu de Toi
OMG!! There is a cupcake version!!  That may just be the cutest one I've seen yet!


As far as the thumbprint trees are I think I'm leaning towards another variation where they already have the leaves or balloons printed on the paper/canvas, and the guests just have to pick a leaf and sign it. That way the print is already it's own little work of art.  Check these out...

via PersonalzedPrints on Etsy

via PersonalizedPrints on Etsy

via PersonalizedPrints on Etsy
- If I was having a beach theme, I would be using this one in a heartbeat! I love trying to pick out all the different sea life.

Okay, enough of the thumbprint trees and all the awesome variations. On to the next one that jumps out at me...

Wedding Mad Libs/ Cute Questions to Answer

via Cami's Paperie

- I think these are hilarious. I do have to admit, that the main thing that is keeping me from jumping on this one is the fact that I'm not sure anyone would actually WANT to fill them out. My mom immediately shot it down because she thinks it's lame. Whatever, MOM!  I don't know.

via The Knot
via Guestbook Store

- I think these are a really cute idea. I'm HORRIBLE at thinking of things to say in guestbooks. I would have loved to have signed a guestbook like this so I would have had questions to answer, and cute little things to write.  I would also love to be able to go back and see what people have written about us and our wedding. However, good ole Debby Downer Mom has chimed in to say that she thinks it's too much pressure. ( I would also like to add that I totally adore my mother and she really isn't a negative person at all) Eh... I can kind of see her point. Hmm... decisions.

via Martha Stewart

 - I am toying with the idea of just having a "normal" just-sign-your-name type of guestbook, and then have some cute little "advice/favorite memory/predictions" cards out on a table in the reception so people could fill them out if they wanted. That way it would be a no pressure situation.

I don't know! I have a few ideas I keep throwing back and forth and just can't seem to decide. To my married readers: what did you use as a guestbook? What do you think would be fun as a guest?

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