Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Handpainted Sticker Tutorial

 Hey, all! I hope you all had a good Tuesday.  It's raining outside and I'm curled up in my bed watching a little trashy reality tv, and sipping on some chamomile tea... I can't think of a better setting to blog in. Be jealous folks, this right here is the life!

Alright, I've got a quick and easy little tutorial for you this week. I need about a bajillion... okay, only like 100 little flower stickers to put on my wedding invitations and to decorate the favor boxes.

I'm going to show you how I will make these little stickers.

Here is what you'll need:

- Xyron Sticker Maker (Here is the one I use... I bought it at Michael's for $20)
- Canvas "Paper" (it's sheets of canvas that comes in sheets like a pad of paper... found at most craft stores)
- Paint of your choosing!

-  First, you'll are going to paint out your sticker designs onto the canvas. I like to do a medium base color first.

- Then I will add my highlight layer.  Then I will add my darker detail layers at the end.
(Painting is such a personal preference and it's really all up to you on how you want to do it.)

-  Once I have a full sheet painted, I cut them out and grab my sticker maker.

-  The sticker maker is pretty straight forward.  You put whatever you want to turn into a sticker face up into the "in" side, and slowly turn the crank until it comes out the other side.

-  You'll want to turn the crank slowly and be careful to keep the stickers close together (without touching) as you feed them in, otherwise you will waste a lot of the cartridge.

- After you have torn off your sheet, you will want to rub the back of the stickers with your thumbs to warm up the adhesive. It will help the adhesive stick to the canvas.

- Now you can trim up the back if you want to give away the stickers for others to use, or you can just pull the stickers off of the sheet and use them yourself.

You can use this technique to make little sticky embellishments for whatever your heart desires really... I just like the natural painted texture you get from painting them yourself.

Please don't feel the need to paint hundreds of little flowers! The beauty of this little sticker maker is that you can only make 1 or 2 if you want to. These would be great as card, or scrapbook embellishments!

Have fun! Using this little sticker maker is addicting. You can turn just about anything that can go through the machine a sticker. :) I would love to see examples if this tutorial helped you!

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