Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coffee Filter Magnolias

Guess what, guys! I've got another tutorial for you on something wedding related!!

I know... I know... contain your excitement.

Actually, this one could be pretty useful for non-wedding related events as well. Feel free to let that excitement roam free!

I'm going to show you how to make magnolia flowers out of coffee filters. 

I wanted a little something pretty to put on each place setting for the reception. You could also give these flowers an actual stem and few leaves and put five or six of them in a vase.

Here is what you'll need:

- Coffee filters 
- Yellow acrylic paint
- Floral tape
- Sturdy wire
- Paintbrush 
- Scissors and Needle nose pliers
- A couple paper plates
- Iron
- Old Towel 


 - The first thing I do is lay out the towel and iron the coffee filters flat.  I iron stacks of about 15 or so at a time. Flip the stack a few times as you go to get most of the creases out.

- Next we are going to paint a few of the filters yellow to make the centers of the flower.

- On a paper plate I thin out the acrylic paint. There is no exact recipe, I just like the paint watery but still very vivid in color.

- On another paper plate paint the coffee filters one at a time, and then put them on the towel to dry. Let them air dry. It shouldn't take too long. I like to give them another pass with the iron after they are dry to get out most of the wrinkles. The iron again isn't really necessary though.

- Once the yellow filters are dry, take one and fold it into fourths and then cut it as pictured above. You are going to discard the smallest little piece on the right. The middle section will make one flower, and the large section will but cut into two pieces and will make two flowers. You will be able to get three flower centers from one yellow coffee filter.

- With each section you are going to leave them folded and cut fringe about 3/4 of the way down. Then you are going to open it up and cut it so it is one long strip.


- You are going to cut about a 6" piece of wire and start wrapping the strip around it with the fringe side up. Once it is tightly wrapped secure it with floral tape.

- Fluff out the fringe and start trimming it until you are left with a small spiked ball of yellow.

- Next you are going to fold two separate white coffee filters into fourths. Then you are going to cut out some fat slightly pointed petals as pictured above. You should have 8 petals.

- You'll want to gently shape the petals into a spoon shape with your thumbs before attaching them to the wire.

- Now you'll attach each petal one at a time to the wire by securing them with floral tape.

- Once you've attached all 8 petals we are going to clean up the wire.

 - Trim the wire a few inches from the flower.

- Curl the edge of the wire up towards the flower a bit with the pliers.

Now you are all done! You have yourself a delicate little flower, that will add the perfect little touch to wherever you want to put it!

I hope you enjoyed this one! Hopefully, I'll have a few more coffee filter flower tutorials for you in the near future.

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