Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cookie Pop... FAIL!

If you hadn't noticed it's finally December, which means I need to figure out what I'm getting everyone for Christmas.  Since I'm poor and crafty I have been DIYing my Christmas gifts for the past few years. Yeah, I'm THAT friend...

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- Man, if I could knit every one of my friends and family members would be rocking a horrible Christmas sweater with unicorns, and possible Jarreth from Labyrinth. However, luckily for my friends and family, I can't really knit.

What I've been doing the last few years is just painting some sugar cookies, throwing them in a tin and calling it done.  I really wanted to put a different spin on it this year and I've decided on ...*drumroll* ... a holiday cookie/cake pop bouqet!! YAY!

With the bouquets in mind I struck gold while shopping at Michael's the other day.  They were having a 50% off sale on Wilton Christmas stuff! I found these awesome little candy cookie molds:

 -  You end up with an Oreo...*ahem* "sandwich cookie"... coated with candy melts with a nice little snowflake or Christmas tree design on it. Perfect for my Christmas bouquet!  While, I did notice that they didn't have a place on the mold to put a stick, I figured that I could figure out a way to make it work. I through them in my cart, along with some peppermint candy melts and some lollipop sticks and I was on my way!

- I was like a giddy little kid waiting to try this out. Since I am taking a bit of a break from wedding crafts, I had nothing else to do tonight so I laid everything out.  I even grabbed my camera to document every bit of the awesomeness for you guys. I was so excited... I had it all planned out... It just HAD to work.... (have you figured out yet that my confidence was about to come crashing down?)

 - I melted about half of the bag of peppermint candy melts.

 -  I spooned in just enough of the melted candy to cover the bottom of each little mold. Once they chilled, I was going to pop these little bad boys out and stick them to an oreo on a stick that I had already dipped in more peppermint candy melt. It was going to blend perfectly, and it would still have the precious little holiday design on it! (I'm sure a few people are already laughing at me... 'HEY! I didn't know, okay!)

-  I put my molds in the fridge to set up! 

- While the candy was setting up, I put my Oreos on a sticks.  Yup, I just shoved a stick in there... no 'glue', no nothin'! I also got a cookie sheet out and put parchment down so my little creations would have a nice non-stick place to set up.

- I was shocked that after only about 20 minutes my molds had set up.  I popped those out of the fridge and melted the other half a bag of candy melts.

-  With a simple twist of the mold my little coins popped right out. I was ready to begin dipping my cookies!

- For my first cookie I just dipped him right in the melted candy, and pulled back nothing but an empty stick. Oh yeah... cookie came CLEAN off. Whatever... that cookie was weak! He was slowing me down!

- I didn't really want to risk losing another cookie to my quicksand-like candy melt so I decided to just spoon it on the cookie and smooth it out.  The cookies tended to crumble and the candy melt didn't really want to stick to it, but I finally got one completely covered!  Then I pressed one of my little coins on it and viola....

I have a little peppermint turd on a stick! See how beautifully the coin blends with the utterly smooth dipped candy melt? I tried not dipping them and just sticking on the coins with a little of the melt as glue, but even that looked pretty bad. 

- I decided to scrap the stick idea and just use the mold how it was actually intended. However, even that was a bit of a bust since the melt had thickened so it just kind of globbed up the sides.

Take it all in! It really was a glorious fail. I will say on a serious positive note that this fail is purely visual. They taste AMAZING! I think they taste a bit like peppermint s'mores. So when all is said and done I can most assuredly tell you that chocolate cream Oreo's go very well with peppermint candy!

If any of you much more knowledgeable readers knows a thing or two about how to make this work  please let me know! I hope you enjoyed my fail.

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