Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Make Fabric/Coffee Filter Flowers: Part IV - Standard Rose

I hope you all had a really good Thanksgiving! I had about 4 actual Thanksgiving meals that spanned the time frame of about 3 days. Seriously, I'm STILL full! I could never see a piece of turkey or a pumpkin pie ever again and be a very happy girl.

 I also wasn't exactly looking forward to some of the obligatory family gatherings, but it actually turned out to be quite fun.  It was also a much needed break from all this DIY wedding craziness I've decided to do. Honestly, if you decide to DIY everything for your wedding, take a step back and make sure you aren't putting too much on your plate. It is completely okay to pay someone else to do a few things!

I digress... ON TO THE TUTORIAL!

How to Make a Standard Rose:

Here is what you'll need:

- Sturdy wire (I got mine at the hardware store)
- Wire cutters
- Painted rose petals (painting tutorial found here)  (Teardrop and heart shaped petals. See picture below for reference )
- Floral tape
- Scissors

I used 6 teardrop shaped petals, and 10 heart shaped petals. Notice that the petals need to get longer as you go.

- First, you will want to cut a 12ish inch piece of wire and straighten it out.

- Then you will want to gently curl the top edge of the tear drop petals, and the 'humps' of the heart shaped petals. Like so:

 - Just roll the edge a bit between your fingers until you have something like the pictures above. You really don't have to curl it much.

-  Start with the shortest teardrop and pretty tightly wrap it around the wire. You'll wrap the petals a little less tightly as you work your way out of the center.

- Secure the petal with floral tape.

- Continue wrapping the teardrop petals until you have a desired center, like so:

-  Now you are going to start semi-loosely wrapping the heart shaped petals. Since they are larger it is easier to attach them one at a time with the floral tape. You get better placement control that way.

- Just keep on adding petals until you are happy with the size of the rose. It is really pretty simple!

In the future I will show you how to put all these flowers (like the garden roses and peonies) together in a bouquet and how to add some artificial leaves. (Check out this post to see how I turned these flowers into a bouquet)

I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging about the flowers for a little while so I can get a lot more made before I start making bouquets.

I just got a new cake pop pan, so expect some awesome little cake pops in the near future!

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  1. thanks a lot. I made 3 & third one is so beautiful. will hope to improve my skills.
    Haily from Sri Lanka.


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