Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Make Fabric/Coffee Filter Flowers: Part III - Peonies

I have been very busy this week getting ready for Thanksgiving and spending every free second making flowers! This whole flower making thing has been a real act of love, but let me tell you... it is SO worth it!

I'm ridiculously happy with how they are turning out! I'd show you a picture but that I'm saving that for a later post.  All I can say is: GET EXCITED!

Okay... on to making the peonies. You can find my previous post about making garden roses here.

Here is what the finished product will look like:

I used the painted peony petals that I made and painted in a previous post. Go check it out if you haven't already. It will really make this tutorial make a lot more sense! Or you could just wing it... it's really up to you.

Those rolled up little purple things are what the petals look like after you paint them. You'll flatten them out a bit before you attach them to the wire.

Here is what you'll need:

- Sturdy wire (I got mine at the hardware store)
- Wire cutters
- Painted peony petals. (tutorial found here)
- Floral tape
- Scissors

- Cut a 10-12" piece of wire and straighten it out.

- The petals are completely curled after painting them, but will very easily straighten out once you attach it to the wire. Just unfold the petals a bit.

- You'll want to curl the three little "bumps" down if they aren't already. Just gently fold them down between your thumb and forefinger.

- Wrap the petal around the wire as shown and then secure it with floral tape. The floral tape is only sticky when you stretch it, so gently stretch the tape as you wrap it around the petal and wire.

- For the first few petals you'll start taping about halfway down the petal and then continuing wrapping around until you are a couple of inches down the wire.

This part is a bit confusing, but you want the center of the flower to be "shorter" than the outer petals. You can achieve this by either cutting out much smaller petals for the center and then get larger as you build the flower, or you can do like I do and cut them all the same size but tape down the center petals so only the top part is showing.

I promise this will make a lot more sense when you just try making some flowers.  That is also the perk of using just the floral tape.  It is not SUPER sticky so if you make a mistake you can easily unwrap it and re-do it without ruining the petals.

- You are going to wrap and secure about 3 or 4 more petals just like that to complete the center of the peony.  After that we will attach each petal in a slightly different way.

-  From here on out you are going to want to gently fold the base of each petal as shown so it makes a nice little cup shape. You want the petals to keep this shape as best as possible when you attach them to the wire so you won't wrap them as much as you did for the first few petals.

- As you can see, the petals are not as tight as they were in the center. Keep adding petals until you are happy with the shape.

- Here is a halfway shot.... don't everyone "oooh and aaaah" at once!

- Once you are happy with the size of your flower you can fluff the petals out a bit with your fingers, and maybe re-curl a petal or two carefully.  You are all done!!

Stay tuned for my next post. I'm going to show you how to make a different type of rose. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be safe. :)

Edit: Check out this post to see how I turned these flowers into a bouquet!

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