Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pinterest Picks!

I'm in love with Pinterest. Honestly, I don't know any crafter who isn't.  I can get lost for hours scrolling through the pages. For me, it is complete inspiration in a one-stop-shop:

  If I'm bored... Pinterest. 

If I need a new craft... Pinterest. 

If I need dinner ideas... can you guess it? That's right!!!  It's....Pinterest!!

If I need medical attention... I call the doctor! Pinterest can't do everything, people!

But if I need gift ideas, Pinterest has yet to let me down. :)

Pinterest, is absolutely awesome for crafts, especially if you want holiday themed ones.

I have found so many inspiring Halloween crafts, and here is a few of my favorites:

Undead Pumpkins

These hilarious little guys come courtesy of Martha Stewart!  They are adorable, and very simple to make! Find out exactly how to make them here!

Glitter Spiderweb

via Redbook

GLITTER!!! Okay, my inner drag queen gets a little too excited when a craft uses glitter.  This one is especially easy too! You just need elmers glue, glitter, and wax paper. Find out exactly how to make it here.

Witch's Broom Favors

Here is another one from Martha Stewart!   I think these are adorable. I don't know how practical it would be to make a lot of these, but I can tell you if I was having a small Halloween party, these bad boys would be given out.  Here are the complete instructions on how to make them.

What do you search for most on Pinterest?  My top three are 1. crafts 2. recipes and 3. wedding ideas. What are your top three searches?

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