Friday, October 12, 2012

Dollar Store Craft: Halloween Wreath

   I'm going to tell you a little secret about myself...I...freaking...LOVE...the dollar store! Yeah, okay... I know that's not really a secret and what self-respecting crafter doesn't love the dollar store, but come on! Knowing everything in there only costs a dollar is bound to bring out the kid in anyone!

Just me?... Whatever... :)

  Seriously, if you haven't visited your local dollar store, you need to drop everything and go now. Bring a $5. I guarantee you will find something that you can craft.

During my latest dollar store visit, I hit a Halloween gold mine! I found this gray netting called "creepy cloth" and some awesome little ravens.  I knew I already had a foam wreath form at home... and crafty-ness ensued!

This is stupidly easy to make and takes really no advanced skill to complete.

Here is what I used:

-Foam wreath form
-Two gray "creepy cloth" (Tulle or netting would also work)
-Stapler (or my homemade version that I will show you later)
- Two foam ravens

 I couldn't find my stapler so I just bent some scrap wire I had on hand.  

- Secure one end of the cloth to the foam with a staple or two.

 This was after securing the first cloth

- Then wrap the cloth around and secure the other end with another staple or two.
-  Secure the next cloth and wrap it around and even across the wreath and secure the other end.  It should look something like this:

-The messier the better, really. The goal is to just cover the foam, everything else is up to you.

- The birds have wire sticking out of their feet.  I just stabbed them in the styrofoam.

Like so...

-  From here you could add whatever else you like. Fall flowers, leaves, or ribbon would all look nice with it.  I like the simplicity of the wreath as is, so that is how it was left. 

-To hang it, I just tied some string to it and tied it to my door knocker.  

Do you make wreaths for holidays other than Christmas? I'd love to hear about your non-traditional wreaths!

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