Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Candy Corn Earrings

  It's October! Which means every grocery store in a 100 mile radius has an aisle that is floor to ceiling candy. While I normally stay far far away from said aisle, I broke weak and bought some candy corn.

 Mmmm... candy corn and peanuts!

   In my sugar induced haze, I realized I wanted to make some candy corn earrings. I quickly ran and grabbed some eye pins and some sculpey glaze.  After about two hours I was left with a gooey, sticky mess, all the candy had slid off the eye pins, and a sugar crash headache. 

Hmmm... I was determined to figure out how to make this work.

After a bit of hunting on the internet, I came across this wonderful tutorial. Leave it to the wonderful Jen over at EPBOT to beat me to it! Using her tutorial, with a few tweaks, I made this bad boy:

 Here is what I used:

-Dremel - with a 1/32" drill bit
-ICE brand jewelry resin with popsicle sticks
- Eye pins
- Needle nosed pliers and wire cutters
- Super glue
- Candy Corn
- Earring hooks
- 5 plastic cups
- Kitchen skewer
- Large piece of cardboard
- Piece of styrofoam

 After a bit I actually gave up with the pliers and just used my fingers to hold the candy. Just please BE CAREFUL!

  - With the dremel on the lowest setting, very slowly start drilling vertically through the center of the candy corn.  I drilled from the bottom, I had more luck keeping the candy together that way.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You will break a lot of candy corn in half before you get a few that are intact and perfectly centered! Don't get discouraged, just take it very slowly. The slower the better. 

 Now Jen's tutorial calls for head pins, however I only had eye pins.  So, here is where her tutorial got some tweaking. 

- Gently push the eye through the hole you just drilled. You can put it through whichever way you want the candy to hang.  The eyelet will be the top. I wanted to keep the candy corn pointing up. 

- Now you will put a small drop of super glue on the bottom of the candy, around the pin.  This will keep the candy from slipping off later on.  

-Then you just stick them in some styrofoam to dry for a couple of hours.

-After they have dried for a while just clip off the excess pin as close to the candy as possible.
 -Now it's time to construct the the drying "rack".  
-I glued two cups together, base to base, and then I did it again. Drill a little hole just under the rim of each top cup to hold the skewer.  I put some beans in the cups to keep them weighted down. Put cardboard underneath because the resin will drip a lot!

Let's get some resin on these suckers!

- Mix the resin according to the directions in a plastic cup. Then thread the candy onto string to dip it into the resin. You'll dip the candy until the resin just covers the candy but doesn't cover the eyelet.  Let the excess resin drip off into the cup, and then tie it to the skewer.

 The sexy legs back there belong to my fiance
-Right after you hang them you'll want to carefully scrape the drip off the bottoms of the candy with a popsicle stick. You'll want to do this a few times, about five minutes apart, until the drop stops forming.
I also did the same technique using some gummy bears. You can skip the drilling step, though. The gummy bears are soft enough you can just push the pin through. 

Let the candy dry for about 48 hours before touching. 

 After the resin is fully cured attach the earring hook and BOOM you're all done!

Sorry for my blinding paleness. 



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